Nnehe-Ke-U-Nehe Fund

Nnehe-Ke-U-Nehe Fund is a fund generated from the usage of the Bigmall vouchers in South Africa and Lesotho monthly.

The fund will be issued out as a grant. The grant shall only and only be available to the users of the Bigmall vouchers.  The grant is divided into three categories namely: (1) individual grant,  (2) business grant and (3) scholarship.  

Individual Grant

Individuals continuously using the Bigmall vouchers  can apply for the grant. The grant amount shall be between R500 to R3000 annually.

Business Grant 

Both start-ups and established businesses continuously using bigmall platform and or the Bigmall vouchers are eligible for the grant. The grant amount shall be between R 20, 000 to 50,000 annually.


Individuals continuously using the Bigmall vouchers can apply for a full scholarship covering tuition fee, accommodation and monthly stipend.

Application for Grant

Applications for the grant shall be opened from the 15th of October 2019.


It is a sole discretion of the company to approve or disapprove any application for the grant.