Delivery Information

The cost of delivery is based on the weight and distance. Local short distance delivery is R 15.00, that is 10 km radius for normal family grocery and R 50.00 for heavy items like 50 kg bag of cement per delivery for standard delivery, that is within 2 hours. Express delivery costs are slightly above standard cost. For exact prices for express delivery costs, please contact our local offices for more information.

South Africa to Lesotho Delivery Cost:

Distance (weight less than 20kg)Costs 
Gauteng to Maseru  R 250.00
Cape Town to MaseruR 550.00
Bloemfontein to MaseruR 100.00
Durban to MaseruR 550.00
Limpopo to MaseruR 480.00
Rustenburg to MaseruR 350.00

For more information, please contact our local offices.